Friday, March 29, 2013

Gargoyle Gothic Bottle Best Price

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Item Info

QL27726 Features: -Medieval style.-Design Toscano exclusive. Construction: -Opener construction: Stainless steel.-Handle construction: Solid pewter.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Design Toscano Exclusive

User Opinions

Gulp the Gargoyle - A true charmer for those who love gargoyles!
S. May

I purchased 'Gulp' as a Christmas present for my mom who absolutely adores gothic style gargoyles. I think she would rescue them from forgotten buildings and bring them home if she could, more so that she could restore them and have (in her opinion) "cool" porch decor.Gulp arrived in a box much larger than what I would have expected, and my mom probably thought she was receiving a number of presents or at least something the size of 4-5 DVDs. I ended up using his outer box to wrap someone else's gift, and left him in just his inner box to give to her.Instant success at opening! She loves him! The amount of detail on Gulp made her smile, and she spent a few minutes looking him over. There is also a red gem-looking stone on his forehead area which we both thought was pretty cool.He has pretty good weight to him, but he is rather small... probably less than from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger on the gargoyle portion.Overall: GREAT for a gift!! You won't be disappointed by the charm of Gulp the Gargoyle!

Rating: 5 1 reviews

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